Know The Facts...Before You Buy A Dress Online

Be very afraid

Know The Facts...Before You Buy A Dress Online
Here at The Henry's Bridal Boutique & Formal Wear we strive to provide top notch customer service to all of our customers, whether you are searching for the wedding dress of your dreams or the prom gown that will turn heads at big dance. This entails providing you with first hand expertise with regards to the dresses we sell. Our consultants are very familiar with how each of our reputable suppliers garments run size wise, the quality of their fabrics and of course current trends in formalwear fashions. We believe that your dress buying experience should be fun and memorable, that you should receive knowledgeable assistance in your search and in the end feel confident that you were presented with all the proper information when choosing your dress. Of course, we can provide this great service because we are a "real" store, with "real" dresses for you to try on...the same cannot be said for purchasing a dress online.

Though it may be tempting to order your bridal gown, bridesmaid or prom dress from one of the seemingly hundreds of online discount retailers, there are several things to consider before making that final click.

Is The Online Retailer Legitimate & Reputable?
Bear in mind that anyone can put up a professional-looking website, so you could be shopping from a legitimate retailer or a fly-by-night operation that could be off line before you even get your dress.

Is The Online Retailer An Authorized Retailer & Is The Dress Authentic?
Even though some internet sites link you directly to the manufacturers web site, don't be misled. They are not always an authorized retailer of the companies they feature. Another concern is the rampant manufacturing of copies. In fact, in many cases, you may not even receive an authentic gown from the manufacturer. You are simply viewing that manufacturers line for style number, color, size, etc. When you make your selection and order the gown, you really can't be sure of what you will be getting. You could receive a gown that is not an authentic dress from the specific manufacturer. It may be of inferior quality, fabric, construction or fit.

Style & Fit...How Will You Know?
Whether it's a bridal gown, flower girl dress or prom gown, one of the biggest downsides of purchasing online is that you can't try the dress on for fit, let alone see if the specific style even looks good on you. What looks great on a model from a picture on the web could be totally different in person on your body. Also, designers sizes can vary dramatically – assuming that because you're a size eight at the mall, you'll be a size eight from a formal wear designer can lead to disaster when you receive your dress and it doesn't even come close to fitting. Aside from the uncertainty about size and style when buying online, the whole process can be quite impersonal, without anyone, including yourself, knowing if you'll even like the dress when you get it. Finally, will you be able to contact the seller and receive helpful customer assistance?

In conclusion, please use caution if you are thinking of purchasing from a discount internet retailer. We know that any gown purchase is for a very special occasion, and we would hate for a bad experience to put a cloud over your special day. When buying from a reputable real boutique like The Henry's you can always express any concerns directly to us, and we will do our best to address them.

Enjoy your special day!

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