The Henry's Tuxedos Are Second To None

How do we compare to the competition?

You decide.

  The Henry's Our Competitors

On Site

Our inventory is located right here
in Bangor, in our building.
This enables us to make on the spot
last minute size adjustments if needed.


All of our area competitors have their tuxedos shipped in from an out of state facility.
Last minutes size adjustments may not be possible if time doesn't allow.
Up Front Pricing YES
Our everyday rentals range in price from
$79.99 up to $149.99
Complete Rental w/shoes
(Special orders may be subject to additional fees.)
Many of our competitors promise huge savings of 40%-60% off!!!
Sounds great...but off...WHAT???
Up To A 5 Day Rental YES
Tuxedos are available for try on and pick up 48 hours prior to your event, and to be returned on the agreed upon day, typically the next business day.
The tuxedo rental industry standard is 5 days.
Quick Pick Up Process YES
The Henry's has over 15 fitting rooms on site for customers to try on their rentals. Stop by at your convenience on the agreed upon pick up days.
Our competitors typically require a scheduled pick up time. Most have a limited number of fitting rooms as well, giving you unnecessary wait times. 


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