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Why should I rent from The Henry's?

The Henry’s owns its entire stock of tuxedos and suits.  With very few exceptions, everything we rent is right here on site.  The benefit to our customers is that if something is needed last minute, we can accommodate your request without having something shipped in from out of state.

Should I wear a tuxedo or a suit?

It’s a matter of personal taste depending on the formality of the occasion.  If it is a “black tie” event or a wedding to be held at a formal venue, you might best be outfitted in a tuxedo.  If it’s a less formal venue, a suit will be a good choice.   Chances are good that you will have someone else helping you to decide which you should wear.

What's the difference between a suit and a tuxedo?

A tuxedo will usually have a satin stripe on the outside leg of the pants, and the jacket will have satin lapels.  A suit will not have satin trim.

Should I rent or purchase a tuxedo?

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If your lifestyle dictates that you dress in a tuxedo frequently, it will be more cost-effective for you to purchase a tuxedo.  If you are only going to wear a tuxedo one time, renting will make more sense.

What is included with my rental?

A tuxedo jacket and pants, shirt, cuff links, tie, and vest or cummerbund will be included. If your rental is a suit, a jacket, pants, shirt, cuff links, tie and shoes are included. Generally everything is included except socks and underwear---and we can sell you the socks!

How soon before the event should I reserve my rental?

Six-to-eight weeks before the event you and/or your bride should visit our showroom to select the style and color you want for yourself and your groomsmen.  The groom’s wedding party should plan to visit the shop to be measured soon after. 

What if my groomsmen live out of the area?

Just ask that they go to any tuxedo shop to be measured.  Phone, fax, or e-mail their measurements to The Henry’s and we will have their tux waiting when they arrive a few days before the wedding.

How much is my rental going to cost?

Suits and tuxedos range in price from about $80 to $150 depending on the colors and features of the suit, tuxedo, shirt, shoes, etc. 

Is a down payment or deposit required?

If it is for a wedding or other formal event, no deposit is required.  For prom tuxedo rentals, a $20 deposit is payable at the time it is booked.

When do I pay for my rental?

Tuxedo rental fees are payable by cash, credit or debit card at the time you take the rental from the store.  Checks are not accepted for final payment on the day garments leave the store.

When can I pick up my rental?

Tuxedos can be picked up Thursday, Friday, or Saturday for a weekend event.  If it is a Friday event, it may be picked up as early as Wednesday.  For cruise or other extended events, special arrangements can be made for you to pick up your tuxedo at your convenience.

What if something doesn't fit?

You will have an opportunity to try everything on before you leave the store.  If something is not right, we will exchange or alter it on the spot.  Our inventory is right upstairs, so we can accommodate your needs before you walk out the door.

When do I return my rental?

We ask that you return your tuxedo the Monday after the event.

What if the tuxedo gets damaged?

For $3 you and your groomsmen can purchase a damage waiver that protects you from liability.

Are there any discounts?

If your bride purchases her wedding gown at The Henry’s and you rent five tuxedos, the sixth one is free.  Some grooms keep that free tux for themselves while others divide the discount among all the groomsmen.

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