Frequently Asked Questions - Mothers Dresses

As mother of the bride, what should I wear?

You are the hostess of the wedding.  You and your daughter will decide how formally or informally you will be dressed, and what colors she would like for you and the groom’s mother to wear.  If the wedding is very formal evening affair, a long gown or dressy pantsuit is appropriate.   If your daughter is being married in the morning or afternoon, you might select a shorter dress or pantsuit.  Once you have decided on the length and color of your gown, you should communicate with the groom’s mother to give her a guideline as to the style and color she will wear.  

As mother of the groom, what should I wear?

You are the guest of honor at your son’s wedding.  The bride’s mother will advise you as to what she is wearing---long, short, formal, casual, color, etc.  Using her input as guidance, you can select something that coordinates with the wedding. 

Should mothers match the wedding colors?

You and the bride should consider the wedding photos.  If the preference is for everything to match, mothers can wear the same color as the bridesmaids.  If mothers are to stand out a bit more, they might choose colors that coordinate with the wedding colors.  

Is it ok for mothers to wear white or ivory?

It is customary that only the bride be dressed in white or ivory.  Mothers, while very important, should not try to compete with the bride.

How soon should I start shopping for my dress?

Begin shopping for your wedding attire at least six months before the wedding day.  Order your garment at least four months prior to the wedding.  You will have far more options available to you and will find the experience much less stressful.  

Will I need to order my gown?

You may always purchase directly from our stock.  Since few designers stock ready-to-wear dresses and gowns, you may need to order your garment in the size and color desired.  Once the gown arrives at The Henry’s, allow time to have any necessary alterations completed on schedule.  As the wedding day nears, your garment will be steamed and ready to wear.

How soon after ordering will my gown be in the store?

Ursula is one company that has a selection of dresses in stock.  Since they ship out of New York City, your dress may arrive within a couple of days depending on availability.  Jordan’s Caterina mother’s line takes 12-14 weeks. Bridesmaid’s dresses on average take 8-12 weeks to arrive from the time they are ordered.

What if shipping dates are close to the wedding?

Most designers can rush an order to get it to you in time.  The quickest rush is 3-5 weeks and is always an approximate ship date.  In most cases, expect to pay an extra fee per dress to rush your order.  If you have selected an Ursula garment, and if they have the style, size and color in stock, we will receive it in a few days.  

How do I know what size to order?

Your bust, waist and hips will be measured by one of our bridal consultants.  Together you will refer to the size chart for the designer of your dress.  You will decide what size to order based on the style and fabric of the dress and where your measurements fall on the size chart.  

The Henry’s called to say my gown is in---now what?

As soon as possible, come to the shop to try on your dress for fit, color, and condition.  It is rare for there to be anything wrong with a garment, but it does happen.  The sooner we are made aware of a problem, the greater the recourse we have with the designer.  We will go to bat for you to get any questions resolved.

Will I need alterations?

Possibly.  The size charts from which you will select the size to order have one bust, waist and hip measurement per size.  Unless your measurements match those of the size chart, you will probably need a tuck-or-two here and there.  And depending on your height, you may need to have your garment hemmed.

Are alterations included in the price?

Alterations are always a separate charge at The Henry’s.  That is because The Alteration Shop is owned and operated separately by Lai Lam Liu.  The Henry’s house The Alteration Shop in our building for the convenience of our customers, and receives no income from alterations.

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